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Pure Royal Jelly…..Nature’s true gift for Health and Beauty

A secret of the Ancients!

The Miraculous Honey Bee has been on our planet for 40 million years according to fossil records.

This Bee-Commerce shop was founded by an experienced British Beekeeper. For years he has been aware of the truly remarkable health and beauty properties of several products within a wonderous beehive….

100% Organic,Fresh Royal Jelly

(Many Products being offered by others may not be fresh or are in Capsule Form)

Apart from delicious honey, bees produce Amazing Royal Jelly the miraculous substance fed by Nurse bees to the Queen Bee.Her Longevity up to 7 years is believed to be attributed to this secret. A worker bee survives for just over a month.Your health and face can directly benefit from Anti Ageing Royal Jelly.

Bee Pollen, also known as “Bee bread” contains over 250 vital compounds to human life.

Bee Pollen, is a holistic remedy and fed to young bees.

Rich in proteins, more than any other animal source!

Contains all the nutrients needed by humans. Free Amino Acids & Vitimins including B- Complex, & Folic Acid, ready for use directly by the body.

Reasons to add to your diet, based on wide anecdotal reports:

Energy Enhancer, Skin soother, Anti Oxidants for respiratory system, Allergy Treatment, Aids digestion, Immune system booster, Addiction Treatment, Pollen inhibits cravings, and excellent in weight management. Supports the Cardivascular system, Prostrate Aid to reduce inflammation and urination urges, said to help with Infertility Issues and considered a great aphrodisiac!Superb to add to your daily diet at Breakfast time. No Harm done to Bees when removed from the hives.

Propolis is another remarkable bee product. It is ” Bee Glue” to seal and sterilize the Beehive. Resinous Substance made by Bees from deciduos tree bark and leaves with their own secretion. Regarded as a natural alternative to penicillin & other anti biotics. Wonderful for sore throats & colds, Heals skin irritations, rashes and cuts.Quite a bitter tincture but effective with a dropper.

( bee-enhanced.co.uk does not make any medical claims)