Amazing Royal Jelly


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50g – £29.50
150g – £73.50
500g – £235.50
1kg – £479.50

100% Pure, fresh, organic. Fed by nurse bees to colony Queen Bee.

Provides longevity for up to 7 years! Worker bee life circa 35 days.

Miracle ”age defying” bee product.

Collected from European mountain & forest beekeepers.

Apitherapeutic natural gift from bees. High level strength.

Huge range of anecdotal benefits.

A Royal health treatment used by many celebrities.

Take one 1/4 or half tea spoon (non-metal) on empty stomach each morning, preferably placing below tongue for best effect.

Must be refrigerated at -4.

Royal Jelly – Bee-Enhanced, Pure, Fresh Organic Royal Jelly is chilled and despatched to you in a secure cold pack with high 10 – HDA Levels.

No additives – Simply Pure.

Please store Royal Jelly in the fridge upon receipt with the lid secured. 1 Pot will last 1 person using a ¼ teaspoon per day, 1 month.

If allergic to bee stings and are also pregnant or have breast cancer, not advisable not to use.

If in doubt check with a medical practitioner.


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50g – £29.50, 150g – £73.50, 500g – £235.50, 1kg – £479.50


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