Anti-ageing Royal Jelly Face Care


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Age defying pure Royal Jelly for face, scalp and skincare. 60 ML.

In a colony, the Queen bee can live up to 7 years. She is fed Royal Jelly by nurse bees and this may be the reason for her longevity. Boost collagen production & slow down your aging process.  Royal Jelly contains minerals such as silicon which leads to increased collagen production. Fabulous Royal Jelly also contains specific anti-oxidants and nutrientswhich support skin renewal & include flavonoids, nucleic acid, decanoic acid, enzymes, and hormones.

Raw Royal Jelly facial once a week.  High strength, 100 % pure Royal Jelly and then apply the lovely natural product to your entire face.  Allow it to soothe and heal your skin for 30 minutes before removing with warm water.

If allergic to bee stings and or are pregnant or have breast cancer, advisable not to use.

If in doubt check with a medical practitioner.

Although our products can be used on sensitive skin, we always like to remind new customers to do a skin test, a dab behind the ear prior to use. Should you experience any allergy, stop using immediately and wash off with warm water and  seek professional advice.

Re deliveries of royal jelly being sent in a chilled envelope to keep fresh with an ice pack, the product should be refrigerated upon receipt.


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