Propolis Tincture


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Propolis is a nutrient-rich vitamin substance, made by honey bees. It is resinous & gathered from deciduous tree bark and leaves. Used as a healing agent for many centuries. It provides protection against infectious conditions including sore throats, promotes healing and regeneration of tissue.

Honeybees make propolis to sterilize their hives and to protect them against outside pests and infection. Known as ‘bee glue’.

Propolis, can be used externally as well taken by mouth via a dropper. Helpful for healing skin irritations, cuts, rashes and sterilizes and disinfects any wound. In tincture form as a natural alternative to penicillin and other antibiotics. Especially helpful for sore throats and conditions of the mouth. Excellent when suffering from a common cold.

Another Bee-Enhanced healthy product.


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